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Child Montessori clothing rack Montessori shelf Kid wardrobe Kindergarderobe Clothes stand Kids wardrobe

This furniture inspired by the Montessori methodology.
The aim of the Montessori children's wardrobe is multiply. It helps to support independence and responsibility because the kid can easily access their clothing and choose from a small selection of seasonally and appropriate pieces of clothing to wear. They also learn to make decisions on their own. Such furniture helps to keep the order as toys and clothes have a place, the kid can see their clothing easily and knows where everything goes. The furniture also develops child's sense of self - the child builds confidence and self-worth when they are able to do care of self activities, it gives the child a sense of pride that encourages them to continue making independent choices. All of these support the child's developing will and path to self-formation.

Wooden clothing rack or hanging rack, children's shelves are made out of solid birch wood and could be in Natural Wood with White/Pink/Grey/Black or all in Natural Wood. The furniture is smooth without any splinters and easy to clean.

Wooden hangers are not included in the price but you can order them separately. Please feel free to message me.


The furniture is shipped disassembled. We provide pdf instructions for assembling. The wardrobe and shelves are easy and fun to assemble.

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