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4-pieces Transformable climbing triangle is created according to Montessori furniture principles to develop balance control, motor skills, courage etc. All the items are great climbing toys for your children. If you combine the transformable climbing triangle and ramp or/and arch you will get the climbing set that will be a perfect Montessori gym for kids from 1 year to 8 years old.

You can use the toddler triangle in many different modifications. Such a baby climber is not a regular triangle. You can transform it into a climbing triangle, two climbing triangles, cube, house or other shapes. Let your imagination fly and play together with your kids! It is foldable for storage and/or transportation.

4-pieces Wooden climber has a reliable and secure system. Kids ladder is tested by adults and can easily hold up to 70 kg, although We recommend using a climbing set with a maximum load of 50 kg/ 110 lbs.

4-pieces Climbing ladder is made of plywood and finished with kids safe varnish. You can combine Natural Wood with Rainbow or Pastel Rainbow bars. Climbing set is smooth without any splinters and easy to clean.


The maximum height of climbing triangle is 110 cm

You can also adjust the medium height that is 90 cm
You can also turn the toddler triangle into two small climbing triangles which are 60cm height
The width of kids ladder is 66 cm
There are 16 different modifications of this climbing toy you can easily set.

Climbing toys are shipped disassembled. We provide the video and pdf assembly instructions for the Montessori furniture you ordered. We will be happy to answer all your questions in case of any issues. We always provide all the tracking information about your climbing set.

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